"off - a little off kilter

Didn't know the rain could dance with her

Ballet, a miracle when wet

The droplets would shimmy off her dress now

Beauty can transcend our doom

With her fault lines crossed I was coming through

The intersection on 125th street and San Andreas an earthquake shook me  RAIN"

The Rain by Open Till Midnight

Music Videos

Open Till Midnight - The Rain (live)

"They circle slowly sharks will slaughter when blood's adrift in the water

They'll do her bidding so if I dare to swim yeah it ain't nothing but a feeling

Held like a hostage detained, her chain's so tight it could break the skin

One song's on repeat there'll be no sleeping when "Wild Horses" are in my bed" 

Circe's Isle by Open Till Midnight​

Open Till Midnight - Circe's Isle live at Webster Hall Grand Ballroom (10/12/12)

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